Group B/C: Working with Cultural & Economic Diversity & Safeguarding (Includes FGM & Breast Flattening)

The Tomlinson Centre

Queensbridge Road, London, E8 3ND

16 January 2020

09:15 – 16:30

Group B/C


Limited Spaces

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Course details:

Aim of the course

  • To provide an opportunity to explore personal influences and good practice issues when working with children and their families from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds whilst maintaining a focus on the safety of children.



By the end of the training participants will have:

  • Explored the challenges and opportunities of working with children and families from a range of different cultural, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.
  • Explored different cultural and religious belief systems and child care practices within different groups, the impact of these on parenting and the protective factors that may be associated with these.
  • Recognised the impact of discrimination on children and families from particular cultural and economic groups.
  • Considered their personal attitudes and beliefs and how these may impact on their interventions with families whose backgrounds are different to their own.
  • Developed skills in distinguishing between cultural practices that are not harmful to children and those that are.
  • Developed a basic awareness of a range of practices that are specific to certain communities which may be harmful to children including for example FGM, breast flattening, forced marriage and spirit belief
  • Developed skills in assessing the strengths of families from all cultural backgrounds whilst ensuring that areas of risk are identified and addressed.
  • Considered how different personal and professionals beliefs and attitudes can impact on multi-agency working.
  • Considered where to seek advice about different cultures.


Facilitators: Leethen Bartholomew & Rohma Ullah, National FGM Centre, Barnardo’s


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