The London Safeguarding Adolescents Steering Group

The London Safeguarding Adolescents Steering Group (LSASG) was established in June 2016 to develop shared principles and enhance policy frameworks for safeguarding young people amongst London’s key strategic bodies. The group will work together until May 2018, supported by the contextual safeguarding team at the University of Bedfordshire, and in consultation with London’s practitioners and young people to:

– Develop a supplementary chapter on safeguarding adolescents in the London Child Protection Procedures

– Build greater consistency across their policies, strategies and work programmes concerned with safeguarding adolescents

– Enhance their understanding of the experiences and needs of adolescents through engagement in research and practice evidence

– Build greater connectivity between siloed policy areas impacting the welfare of adolescents – such as work on child sexual exploitation, children missing from home, school and care, serious youth violence, trafficking, harmful sexual behaviours and domestic abuse

– For further information about the LSASG please view our terms of reference and project plan (available on the LSASG page of the London Safeguarding Children Board website).