Hackney Children’s and Young People’s Services (CYPS) implement Nationwide Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS) solution

Hackney Children’s and Young People’s Services (CYPS) implement Nationwide Child Protection – Information Sharing (CP-IS) solution

Sharing Information effectively across Health and Social Care settings is vital in protecting vulnerable children and young people and preventing further harm.  On the 19th December 2016 , Hackney implemented the Child Protection-Information Sharing (CP-IS) nationwide solution that shares automated notifications between Local Authority social care systems with those systems used by NHS in unscheduled care settings.  CP-IS is a secure system with clear governing access and only authorised staff involved with the care of a child can access the information.

This means that authorised staff in unscheduled care settings can see if a child is subject to a Child Protection Plan (CPP) (including unborn children) or is a Looked After Child (LAC).   Staff in the following settings (if they have permission) are able to see an alert on these records:

– Emergency departments

– Walk in centres

– Out of hours GPs

– Minor injuries

– Paediatric wards

– Maternity units

– Ambulance services.


Now that Hackney is live with CP-IS, any records that are updated by our CYPS teams will be automatically uploaded to the CP-IS service within 24hrs, so that NHS healthcare workers have access to the latest CPP/ LAC status for a child including:

– New CPP/ LAC information for a child

– Any update to any existing CPP/ LAC information already held within CP-IS

– Notification to remove the CPP/ LAC information held within the CP-IS service


With CP-IS:

– Medical staff are alerted if a child, young person or expecting mum they are treating is subject to a Child Protection Plan or is a Looked After Child and are given contact details for the Hackney Social Care Team responsible for them.  The alert Health see: The Child Protection information will only indicate that a CPP or a LAC status exists for that child and not the full details as to why there is a plan or reason for the LAC status, therefore, the sharing of this child protection information will be as per existing processes requiring telephone contact between the NHS healthcare worker and Hackney CYPS teams.

– Social Care Teams are alerted when a child in their care attends an unscheduled care setting. The information CYPS Social Care see: CP-IS enables CYPS allocated worker to see the details (in Mosaic) of who, when and where the information was accessed by an NHS healthcare worker.

Any NHS staff with any concerns around a Child or Young Person will still have to complete a referral to Hackney Children and Young Persons Services and CP-IS does not replace this process.  However, the implementation of providing instant access to this information means vulnerable children, young people and expecting mothers can be identified wherever they are cared for in England.