Seasonal reminder – Choking danger for toddlers (Dec 15)

Seasonal reminder – Choking danger for toddlers (Dec 15)

CHSCB along with Hackney Learning Trust are issuing the following reminders for professionals working with under 5s:

Babies and young children are very susceptible to choking. The risk of choking is much greater for children under 5, especially babies, because they explore their environment (especially taste and texture) by putting things in their mouth. Food and drink are the things most likely to cause choking, but coins and other small objects also pose a significant risk.

There’s always a risk of choking on food and drink. Supervising babies and young children while they’re eating can prevent most choking accidents. There are other measures you can take with their food such as:

– Cutting food into smaller pieces. Toddlers and babies can choke on things as small as a grape, blackberry or cherry tomato.

– Avoiding hard-to-eat foods like peanuts, boiled sweets and ice cubes.

A series of posters are available below for professionals to display in your place of work, to alert others to the dangers of choking in toddlers.

Click to download and print; for more information, please visit:

Don't risk it, slice itDon't risk it, slice it

Don't risk it, slice it