Annual Report & Priorities

CHSCP Priorities and Pledge


Safeguarding partners have agreed on four strategic priorities that will underpin the work of the CHSCP. These provide focus to ensure the right conditions are in place in which high quality safeguarding practice can thrive

Anti-Racist Safeguarding Arrangements

Our Commitment

The CHSCP condemns racism in all its forms.  It also recognises the importance of our multi-agency safeguarding system being fundamentally anti-racist.  Only through the eradication of systemic racism, discrimination and injustice will we be able to effectively safeguard Black children and those from other marginalised ethnic groups.

CHSCP Annual Report 2019-20

Under the new safeguarding arrangements, safeguarding partners will be responsible for producing and publishing the CHSCP annual report.  This will cover what they have done as a result of the arrangements and how effective they have been in practice.

CHSCB Annual Reports


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