Schools & Colleges

Support for Safeguarding

The CHSCP recognises the vital role of schools and colleges in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  As part of our local safeguarding system, all schools and colleges in the City of London and Hackney are designated as relevant agencies.  This places them at the centre of our arrangements.  To help schools and colleges deliver high-quality safeguarding and child protection practice, a range of support and services are available.  To navigate what’s on offer, these have been set out under three key headings of People, Policy and Practice. 


A range of organisations, teams, forums and individual practitioners are in place to provide direct support to schools, colleges and the wider education sector.  These arrangements help make children safer and support positive experiences for them in education.


Effective policies inform effective practice.  Support is available to help schools and colleges develop clear policies that set out how children will be made safer and how they will respond to safeguarding and child protection concerns.


Policies and procedures on their own won’t safeguard children.  Ultimately, it is the application of these in practice that makes a difference.  Click below for guidance on the arrangements in place to support working with children safely.

*NOTE - The Safer School Apps are currently unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience.