Multi-Agency Neglect Tool Box

Be Professionally Curious!

Investigators / Practitioners Guidance Note prepared by the National Multi Agency Child Neglect Strategic Work Group (2015)

Was Not Brought

The terminology ‘Was Not Brought’ (WNB) replaces the phrase ‘Did Not Attend’.  It describes children who are not brought to medical appointments by those adults responsible for their care.  By not taking children to medical appointments, this can be an indicator of neglect.

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is a brief behavioural screening tool to consider whether a child or young person has emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Home Conditions Assessment

This scale may appear judgmental, but workers necessarily make judgements about the safety, order and cleanliness of the place in which the child lives. The use of a list helps the objectivity of observation.

Parenting Daily Hassles Scale

This scale aims to assess the frequency and intensity/impact of 20 experiences that can be a ‘hassle’ to parents.

Clutter Image Rating

A visual tool to help practitioners determine the scale of hoarding / clutter within a family home.

The Alcohol Scale

This questionnaire has been found to be effective in detecting individuals with alcohol disorders and those with hazardous drinking habits

Emotion Regulation Questionnaire

A 10-item scale designed to measure respondents’ tendency to regulate their emotions.

Childhood Neglect: DfE Training & Resources

Department for Education resources for training multi-agency participant groups in identifying and dealing with child neglect.

Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support

The MSPSS is a 12-item scale designed to measure perceived social support from three sources: Family, Friends, and a Significant Other.