CHSCP Policy Guidance

All organisations should have a clear safeguarding & child protection policy that sets out how they will keep children safe and how they will respond to child protection concerns. This is a basic requirement of the CHSCP’s safeguarding arrangements.  The CHSCP has published guidance to help all organisations (including schools and colleges) write such a policy and how to structure it for best effect.

Hackney Safeguarding & Child Protection Model Policy Template

For schools and colleges specifically, Hackney Education has developed a Model Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy template that schools and colleges can adopt.

Hackney Safeguarding & Child Protection Handbook

Developed by Hackney Education, the Safeguarding and Child Protection Handbook helps enable staff in schools and settings to discharge their statutory responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children.  The handbook provides an overview of the relevant legislative, statutory and advisory guidance framework that schools must make reference to in fulfilling their statutory duties. It also offers practical guidance in relation to safeguarding policies, record keeping and referrals to Children’s Social Care.

Other Policies & Procedures (City & Hackney)

Additional policies and guidance relevant to safeguarding in schools and colleges are published by the Education & Learning Service in the City and by Hackney Education.