SCR Child B

SCR Child B

Child B was known to Hackney Children & Families Service (CFS) since birth and was being overseen by Hackney’s Children with Disabilities (CWD) Service.

Child B was admitted to hospital to have a toe amputated in 2015.

The opinion of health practitioners was that the infection that led to the amputation was preventable. Child B had not been brought to a significant number of health appointments. Had they been, then it is likely the infection would have been treated and managed. On a number of occasions, concerns about Child B’s welfare were raised internally by health practitioners. Whilst these concerns focused on possible neglect, there was no action until the case was formally escalated to senior managers in late 2018. Child B was then aged 10 years. In February 2019, Child B was made subject of a child protection plan.

Since this time the family has made significant progress and Child B’s outcomes are positive. Child B no longer requires either a CP Plan or a CIN Plan. Their needs are being met through the parents and the support of a range of different agencies.

Read the full Serious Case Review (SCR) of Child B report HERE.