Self Assessment

The Safeguarding Self-Assessment Framework

A New Process

The Safeguarding Self-Assessment Framework is structured on a number of minimum standards to help organisations make children safer.  It replaces the Section 11 audits and Section 157 / 175 audits and is intended to make the process easier to access and update.  Whether your organisation is a safeguarding partner, a relevant agency or is one named within our local arrangements, there is an expectation that the self-assessment is completed.

The Safeguarding Self-Assessment process involves the completion of an on-line tool.

 There are three different formats depending on the size and type of your organisation.

Once completed and submitted, you will automatically be sent a pdf report of your results and identified actions.  

Once submitted, please update your self-assessment by using the original weblink and entering your username and password under ‘Returning User’. You will then be able to update your original return rather than starting a new return!

If you have any queries in regard to the completion of the Safeguarding Self-Assessment  tool (including resetting of username or password), please contact Sandra Reid, Business and Performance Manager for The CHSCP on 0208 356 4175 or email using

Peer Reviews

Scrutiny & Challenge

Safeguarding Self-Assessments are subject to scrutiny by the CHSCP. To strengthen this oversight and provide additional support and challenge to partners, the CHSCP also uses a Peer Review process.