Unregistered Educational Settings

What is an Unregistered Educational Setting?

Unregistered Educational Settings (UES) provide ‘full-time’ education to children of compulsory school age, but teach a curriculum that is too narrow for the setting to constitute a ‘school’. The consequence is that they cannot be registered (or regulated) and this is a significant concern for the CHSCP.

Hackney Operational Protocol

Large numbers of children in Hackney attend UES and are outside the line of sight of safeguarding professionals.  There is no direct mechanism to ensure that the premises within which children congregate in these settings are safe and that practice meets established minimum standards for safeguarding.  The Hackney Operational Protocol sets out a multi-agency approach to make the children who attend UES safer.  Stage 1 of the protocol details the actions to be taken when potential UES are identified.  Stage 2 deals with the multi-agency response when safeguarding concerns are raised about UES.

Supporting Safeguarding in Yeshivas

The CHSCP has developed a clear offer of support for local Yeshivas.  It collates details of initiatives that have been previously developed by the CHSCP, together with a range of activity being operationally led by Hackney Education.  If adopted, the activity specified has the real potential to help strengthen the overall safeguarding arrangements within these settings.

Do you know about an Unregistered Educational Setting in Hackney?

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