Safeguarding Adolescents

Extra Familial Harm - Safeguarding Adolescents Strategy


Hackney Extra-Familial Risk Profile

An overview of local intelligence relating to the extra-familial risks facing young people in the London Borough of Hackney

Adolescent Safeguarding Handbook

Adolescent Safeguarding in London is a practice handbook for everyone who works to build safety with young Londoners facing different types of harm in their lives.

Practice Guidance

Extra-Familial Harm: Assessment and Intervention Planning

This document is designed to support practitioners to undertake assessments which are holistic in nature – taking into account both the context of children’s experiences within their family home and in other social spaces. It supports practitioners to assess a young person’s extra familial risk of harm, consider the needs of a young person subject to extra-familial risk; and make recommendations/plan for on-going work which addresses extra-familial risk of harm.

Operating Protocol

The London Child Exploitation Operating Protocol 2021

This document sets out the London operating protocol for safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children from exploitation.  It is police-led, but equally owned by the Metropolitan Police Service, Local Authorities and Children’s Services and Health. This document is designed to complement and not replace the London Child Protection Procedures and other statutory guidance.

Appropriate Language & Child Exploitation

This document published by the Children’s Society seeks to provide guidance to professionals on the appropriate use of language when discussing children and their experience of exploitation in a range of contexts. These include when speaking directly with or discussing children, within recording and case management systems and when delivering relevant training or other learning interventions.

Awareness Raising Resources

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Contextual Safeguarding

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