Child Sexual Abuse

Supporting a Confident Response to Sexual Abuse

London CP Procedures

Pan-London practice guidance to support practitioners protect children at risk child sexual abuse (CSA).

North East London Sunrise Hub

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The North East London Sunrise hub is a holistic, child-centred, and integrated approach to supporting the recovery of children and their families who have been affected by sexual abuse.  A child or young person coming through the service can expect to be supported by children’s doctors, nursing teams, health play specialists, and wellbeing practitioners.

Professionals who have concerns about a child who has been sexually abused have a duty to refer the child into their local Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). Please use this local safeguarding process, but you can also contact the Sunrise Hub to highlight the need for the child to receive services.

A list of CYP sexual abuse services available across North East London can also be found HERE.

Signs & Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse

Centre of Expertise on CSA

All professionals need the knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise when children might be showing them that something is wrong and understand the potential indicators of sexually abusive behaviour in those who may be abusing them.

Communicating with Children

Centre of Expertise on CSA

It is vital that anyone who works with children knows how to recognise what is happening and understands how to help the child to have that conversation.

Supporting Parents & Carers

Centre of Expertise on CSA

Research shows that the support the child receives from their main caregivers and wider family is one of the most significant factors in affecting the longer-term impacts of sexual abuse and will have a big influence on how a child will understand and respond to what has happened.

Managing Risk & Trauma after Online Sexual Offending

Centre of Expertise on CSA

Written in collaboration with The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, this guide provides the latest research and practice-led information to help professionals to confidently safeguard and support families at a time of great emotional distress.

Sibling Sexual Abuse and Behaviour

Centre of Expertise on CSA

Supporting professionals to improve their understanding of the nature and consequences of sibling sexual behaviour and abuse, and how to navigate key decisions to best support the whole family.

Resources for Education

Centre of Expertise on CSA

Three resources to help education professionals to identify and respond when they have concerns of child sexual abuse or behaviour.

CSA Practice Guidance

Hackney Children & Families Services

Single agency practice guidance issued by Hackney Children & Families Services.

Management of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

This pathway must be used for all children where there are concerns regarding possible sexual assault or for when there are genital signs or symptoms with no clear diagnosis.

Non-Recent (Historical) Sexual Abuse

London CP Procedures

Pan-London multi-agency practice guidance to support practitioners respond to non-recent sexual abuse.

The CSA Centre

A multi-disciplinary team, funded by the Home Office, hosted by Barnardo’s and working closely with key partners from academic institutions, local authorities, health, education, police and the voluntary sector.  Research & Resources, Training & Events, Data, Insights and More!