Child Safeguarding Statements

Strengthening Accountability

Child Safeguarding Statements have been introduced by the CHSCP to strengthen safeguarding leadership across all local organisations that work with or come into contact with children.  They are a simple, yet powerful tool that can help promote transparency and provide a focus on how we collectively safeguard children.  They can also help provide parents, carers and children themselves with reassurance that organisations / settings are safe, that risks are actively considered and that appropriate arrangements are in place to help and protect children from harm.


For information about how to complete a Child Safeguarding Statement and what else your organisation needs to do, please read the guidance and frequently asked questions document available below. Sample Child Safeguarding Statements (of three fictitious agencies) have also been created to help you see what one should look like.  

If you have any further queries on completing the Child Safeguarding Statements please contact Sandra Reid, Business and Performance Manager ( who coordinates this activity on behalf of The CHSCP. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Statement

Sample Statement

Sample Statement

Sample Statement

Index of Local Child Safeguarding Statements

CHSCP Safeguarding Partners (incl. Departments)

City of London - DCCS

City of London - Leisure Service (Fusion)

City of London - Licensing

City of London - Youth Offending Service

City of London - Youth Services

City of London Police

Hackney - Children and Families Services

Hackney - Community Safety

Hackney - Culture, Libraries and Heritage Services

Hackney - Housing

Hackney - Leisure, Parks and Green Spaces

Hackney - Licensing

Hackney Education

Metropolitan Police Service (Hackney BCU)

NHS North East London

CHSCP Relevant Agencies (excl. Schools, Colleges and VCS Organisations)


As a national organisation, individual responses are not provided to safeguarding partnerships.

East London NHS Foundation Trust

Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Hackney CVS

Probation Service (London)

Public Health

Statements will be requested from commissioned providers later in 2024/25.

CHSCP Relevant Agencies (Schools and Further Education)

Al-Falah Primary School

Baden-Powell School

Beis Aharon School

Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School

Beis Malka Girls' School

Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School

Beis Ruchel d’Satmar School (Boys)

Beis Ruchel D'Satmar London (Springfield)

Beis Trana Girls' School

Bnei Zion Community School

Bnois Jerusalem Girls School

Bnos Zion of Bobov

BSix Sixth Form College

Beis Yaakov Girls School

Benthal Primary School

Berger Primary School

Betty Layward Primary School

Cardinal Pole Catholic School

Charterhouse Square School

City of London Academy Shoreditch Park

City of London School (Boys)

City of London School for Girls

Clapton Girls' Academy

Colvestone Primary School

Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre

Daubeney Primary School

David Game College

De Beauvoir Primary School


Gainsborough Primary School

Gayhurst Community School

Grasmere Primary School

Grazebrook Primary School

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Hackney New Primary School

Haggerston School

Halley House School

Harrington Hill Primary School

Holmleigh Primary School

Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Hoxton Garden Primary

Ickburgh School

Jubilee Primary School

Kingsmead Primary School

Lauriston School

London Fields Primary School

Lubavitch Girls Primary School

Lubavitch Junior Boys


Lubavitch Senior Girls School

Mandeville Primary School

Millfields Community School

Morningside Primary School

Mossbourne Community Academy

Mossbourne Parkside Academy

Mossbourne Riverside Academy

Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy

New City College, Hackney

New Regent's College

Nightingale Primary School

Northwold Primary School

Ohr Emes

Oldhill Community School

Orchard Primary School

Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School

Our Lady's Catholic High School

Parkwood Primary School

Princess May Primary School

Queensbridge Primary School

Randal Cremer Primary School

Rosemary Works School

Rushmore Primary School

Sebright School

Shacklewell Primary School

Shoreditch Park Primary School

Side By Side School

Simon Marks Jewish Primary School

Sir Thomas Abney School

Skinners' Academy

Southwold Primary School

Springfield Community Primary School

St John and St James C of E Primary School

St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School

St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School

St Mary's Church of England Primary School

St Matthias Church of England Primary School

St Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School

St Paul's Cathedral School

St Scholastica's Catholic Primary School

St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

St Paul's With St. Michael's C of E Primary School

Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form

Stormont House School

T T T Y Y School

Talmud Torah Bobov Primary School / Egerton

Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School

Talmud Torah London

Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School

Talmud Torah Yetev Lev

Tawhid Boys School, Tawhid Educational Trust

Tayyibah Girls' School

The Aldgate School

The Boxing Academy AP Free School

The Bridge Academy

The City Academy, Hackney

The Excelsior Academy

The Garden School

The Lyceum

The Olive School Hackney

The Urswick School

Thomas Fairchild Community School

TTD Gur School

Vishnitz Girls School

Waterside Academy

Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre

William Patten Primary School

Wiznitz Cheder School

Woodberry Down Community Primary School

Yesodey Hatorah Girls School

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School

CHSCP Relevant Agencies (Early Years) – Programme Starts Mid June 2024

Academic Day Nursery

Alpha Nurseries

Angels On The Park

Ann Tayler Childrens Centre Nursery

Apple Blossoms

Barbican Playgroup

Beavers Playgroup

Beis Chinuch Lebonos Nursery

Belz Nursery School

Bloomers Day Nursery

Bright Futures

Bright Horizons City Child

Bright Horizons Stoke Newington

Bright Kids Hackney

Broadgate Nursery

Burma Court Playgroup

Castle View Nursery

Chatter Bees Day Nursery

Clapton Park Childrens' Centre Nursery


CMA Nursery

Coconut Nursery

Comberton Children's Centre

Comet at Thomas Fairchild Children's Centre

Comet Children's Centre

Daubeney Children's Centre

Docklands Day Nursery Warwick Grove

East Wick Kids

Eeeny House Nursery

Evering Road Playgroup

Fernbank Children's Centre

First Day Nursery

Forest Grove Hackney

Gainsborough Children's Centre

Gainsborough Primary Pre school

German Kindergarten London Fields

Get Along Gang Playgroup

Goldman Sachs Childcare

Grace Montessori School

Grasshoppers In The Park Nursery

Greenwood Nursery School

Hackney Care For Kids Nursery

Halo Nursery

Happitime Playgroup

Happy Nest Day Nursery

Hatching Dragons

Hill Top Daycare Nursery Ltd (Roof Top Nursery @ Brook)

Hill Top Daycare Nursery Ltd (Roof Top Nursery)

Hillside children's centre

Holy Trinity C Of E Primary Preschool

Hope and Dreams Montessori

Ihsan Children's Centre Nursery

Independent Place Nursery Children

Kids Zone

LEYF London Fields

LEYF Stoke Newington

Lilliput Playgroup

Linden Children's Centre Nursery

Little Angels' Schoolhouse

Little Buds Day Nursery

Little Gems Nursery

Little Gems Nursery (Upper Clapton Road)

Little Londoners Day Nursery

Little Stars Nursery

London Mulberry Nursery And Preschool

Lubavitch Children's Centre

Lubavitch Nursery

Mapledene Children's Centre

Maytime Playgroup (Hackney Muslim Women's Council)

Me Montessori

Millfields Children's Centre Nursery

Mini Bees Childcare

Minihome Ltd

Minik Kardes Children's Centre and Community Nursery

Mole On The Hill Playgroup

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Stoke Newington

Morningside Children's Centre

N Family Club - Defoe Road

N Family Club - Hackney Downs

N Family Club - London Fields

N Family Club - Church Street

N16 Tots

N16 Tots And Playgroup

New City Nursery Group (Hackney)

Newpark Childrens Centre

Nordic Star Nurseries

Oldhill Children's Centre Nursery

Pembury Community Nursery

Pembury Pre School

Rainbow Nursery

Rainforest Nurseries Ltd

Riverside Nursery

Rosemary Works East

Rosemary Works EYC Ltd

Round Chapel Families Project (Nursery)

Sandbrook Community Playgroup Limited

Sebright Childrens Centre Nursery

Smithfield Nursery

St Michael's Day Nurseries Ltd

Sunrise Day Nursery

Talmud Torah London

Tam's House

Teddy Bear School House Nursery - Clapton Branch

The Ark Day Care Nursery

The Bath House Children's Community Centre Nursery

The City Child and Family Centre (Aldgate School)

The Hackney Day Nursery and Pre-School

Tiddley Tots Nursery

Tiddley Tots Nursery - (New setting)

Twinkle Stars Day Nursery

Wentworth Children's Centre

Wetherell Nursery

William Patten Daycare

Woodberry Down Children's Centre Nursery

Yesodey Hatorah Community Nursery

Yesodey Hatorah Primary Girls School Nursery - Toddle Inn Creche

Yetev Lev (Satmar) Nursery

Zeeba Daycare